A complete records management
system to selectively collate,
compile, and generate reports
the way you want them!
It is no simple cloud storage service...


Here's a quick 1 minute video that explains what Smart File Box is all about

More than a simple cloud storage service

Records management software

Smart File Box is much more than a cloud storage repository to manage project or customer records within access controlled areas, inside folders that allow only authorized users to view or add or edit records. It supports approval workflow, annotation or marking up files, version control, instant messaging for queries and maintains an audit trail for each document. It is hosted in secure cloud servers with strict access control, yet in an easy to use interface. You can access your data through web browser or through our mobile app.

Organize documents by projects

Organize documents or records by customer or project;
Each project will have a set of administrators and other users;
Create folders or sections, just like in a computer;
Provide restricted or full access to users by section or folder;
Version control & approval workflow for documents;
Send notifications to add files and about new files for approval;
Create labels and add to documents for easy retrieval;
Send instant message about a document, like seeking clarification;
All of these features and more finally in Smart File Box!

Produce a single PDF Smart File

Have you dreamt of creating a single file for a project containing all the files in some specific order, with table of contents, bookmarks, page numbers, header & footer? We have and we call it a Smart File. This is the core of Smart File Box.
It is as easy as - selecting the entire project or a particular set of folders, change the order of the folders, select what type of files you want in the final output like approved documents only or all documents, select a header & footer design, click generate and just wait for a few seconds. That’s all! Smart File Box will produce the file in next to no time!


Smart File Box is a document or records management platform that helps you organize documents/records by projects. Files are stored in secure cloud storage with user level access control. You can combine all the files in a project or selectively, in the order that you want, into a single PDF file.